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"Our company has been in business, serving all across America, Canada, and the entire world, for 20 blessed years. We feel very blessed to be granted our business and all the wonderful customers with whom we have met over all these years. Each and every one of our customers is very important to us. Calorad and Agrisept have a success history of 32 years. They are some of the best products that we found on the market. We stand behind the products. The products have a 32 year success and research history. "The Agrisept is all natural and our entire family uses the Agrisept for various reasons. Mostly to stay healthy. We pray you enjoy our products as much as we have."* Thank you and G~d bless, Bonita Raitt Burton, RN, BSN (Individual results may vary).

Company Address

J&B's Health Center for Wellness is located at the following address:

J&B's Health Center for Wellness
5031 Leawood Drive
Billings, Montana 59105
United States

Company Contact Information

J&B's Health Center for Wellness can be contacted via telephone, fax or email using the following information:

Telephone: 1 (800) 419-5650


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*Disclaimer: Individual Results may vary."

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