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Dr. Dwight Lundell (Yale-trained cardiovascular surgeon, Asantae's Chief Medical Officer)
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Dr. Dwight C. Lundell is a board certified cardiovascular surgeon with more than 30 years experience in the operating room. During his time in private practice, Dr. Lundell has performed over 5,000 heart bypass operations. He is proud to be Asantae’s Chief Medical Officer.

His credentials as a medical doctor include Chief Resident during his cardiac surgery residency at Yale University, Chief of Staff and Chief of Surgery at several hospitals, 'Top Doc' ratings by his peers in Phoenix Magazine, many industry and professional certifications and accreditations, and thousands of happy and grateful patients.
Dr. Lundell's no-nonsense approach to science and medicine, and his caring attitude toward patients, has helped guide his career transformation from surgeon to author of The Cure for Heart Disease, lecturer, and founder of the Healthy Humans Foundation.

Dear Friend,

If you’re like me, and you do love LIFE—and you do want to enjoy it even MORE, my colleagues and I here at Asantae can absolutely help you in some new and magnificent ways...

I'm a cardiovascular surgeon by trade. I started performing surgery 30 years ago and have been in private practice for the last 25 years. I was part of the first graduating class of the University of Arizona Medical School in 1971. I completed my general surgery residency in Tucson; then went to Yale University Medical Center to train as a heart surgeon. I came back to Arizona in 1979 and went to work.

Over the next 25 years I performed more than 5,000 open-heart bypass operations and dedicated myself to curing the number-one killer of Americans, namely heart disease.

Heart Disease is still the number one killer of Americans and, along with obesity and type II diabetes, has reached epidemic proportions. 

Along the way, the pharmaceutical industry has done their best to create the unquestioned consensus that cholesterol is the primary culprit and the only thing we should be focused on to reduce the risk of heart disease. However...

Although my career was exciting and satisfying, I realized that I was failing in my quest to cure heart disease. I discovered that over half of all people that I operated on, and over half of all people who suffer a heart attack, had normal cholesterol levels! Yet the total emphasis in medicine is STILL focused on cholesterol. 

As scientific research advanced, it became perfectly clear that the biggest cause of heart disease, as well as a host of other chronic ailments, was chronic low-grade inflammation!

I spent several years researching inflammation, what causes it, how it works, and how to reduce it in the body. I came to the conclusion that I was applying a mechanical solution (coronary bypass) to a biological/nutritional problem; and that my cardiology colleagues were merely applying a pharmacological solution (statin drugs). 

More Extensive Research and Studies Lead to Breakthrough...

To succeed in my original goal of curing heart disease, I resolved to change the way I would help people. I dove into a mountain of research on inflammation. Then I spent a year studying a group of my own patients who were started on a nutritional and lifestyle program designed from the extensive research I had done. I advertised my program as a weight loss clinic, and all my patients did lose weight—but the real success was in dramatically reducing inflammation in their bodies and thereby reducing their risk profiles for heart disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, and many other diseases.

I then began a search for ways to get this plan to as many people as possible. So I wrote the book, The Cure for Heart Disease by Dr. Dwight Lundell

Still, to make a real impact and get this critical information to the public, I needed a dedicated army of good people to help me spread the word

I met Mr. Keyvan Taheri on a Heli-ski trip in the mountains of British Columbia. Keyvan is a successful businessman in the health and nutritional products industry, being CEO of Wellements®, an 18 year old, $30M retail company that supplies major stores like Whole Foods, Target and Costco with products for retail that are valued at over $30 Million per year.. We found we shared many of the same interests and goals—improving human health and bringing people a better life.

As I shared my new ideas with Keyvan we began thinking about a heart-healthy product we could develop together. The more we talked and as I was in the process of finishing my book, the clearer it became that we were on to something with huge potential. Thus, Inflammation Solutions was formed; to spread the knowledge I had gained about inflammation and its link to modern diseases.

Many business models were examined, but we kept coming back to... 

Network Marketing as the best way to bring this plan to as many people as possible. Rather than working with a small number of skilled people in the operating room I wanted to expand to thousands of "health ambassadors" who could certainly save more lives than I ever could as a heart surgeon!

Just like in the operating room, where I assembled a team of the best people with separate skills to successfully complete a complicated open-heart operation, we decided to take the same approach with this new company. 

I had the medical knowledge and communication skills, but pretty shallow business experience. Keyvan had proven to be successful in building and maintaining dynamic sales and distribution businesses. I knew I wanted to maintain my freedom of speech to pursue the science of inflammation without the added scrutiny of being a network marketing company owner. We decided instead that I would help Asantae formulate their products and head up their Medical Advisory Board.

Keyvan engaged several of the top consultants in the Network Marketing industry, along with THE very best weight loss product we could find anywhere on the planet: Calorad®ADVANCED.

HeartShot and Calorad®ADVANCED are the perfect partners to generate health and wellness—for you, your family, your friends, your relatives and for countless new colleagues you have yet to meet. Together, Asantae’s unique, exclusive nutritional products propel an unprecedented new income opportunity which can create spectacular financial benefits for YOU and for SO many others.

Now it is time to build the Dream—and deliver new hope for vastly improved health, wellness and prosperity to the World!

Warm Regards,

Dwight C. Lundell, M. D.

P.S. As you can see, I am sincerely excited about sharing the many great benefits of HeartShot and Calorad®ADVANCED widely and quickly with our huge and expanding market of people who haven’t yet been blessed to discover all that we offer with Asantae! With the epidemic of chronic diseases throughout our society, especially in this soured economy, our prospects who want to take control of their lives are virtually everywhere!

Clearly, LOTS of people WANT better health and greater prosperity!

So, as we engage in this important work together and take on this goal that’s SO much bigger than ourselves, YOU can enjoy the special experience of rising to your fullest potential—and be richly rewarded in that process!

After all, we know that prosperity is important to happiness and that true prosperity includes great health. What Asantae offers can help YOU — and MANY others who join your team—achieve ALL of that! 

And that’s pretty rare.

Bonita (Bonnie) Raitt Burton
Registered Nurse with BSN for 15 years
Independent Business Associate for Calorad
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